Alexandra Sabina:
* Home Project Consultant
* Homeowner / Contractor Liaison & Arbitration
* Home Restorationist, Renovationist, Preservationist

MY WHY                                                                                                    knisflooring02

Homeowners should not have to suffer unethical contractors, companies and service providers ever again.

 The Angry Homeowner’s Guide  was written based upon a personal need.  I observed that when I would first visit with a homeowner during (first contact) the project estimating phase, a pattern began to reveal itself to me.

Every time I receive a phone call to go out on an estimate with a prospective client, I was forced to ponder; “why would a homeowner be contracting me if they were already happy with their last service provider… “

Apparently they weren’t, otherwise they would have never called me. Thus began my quest for a deeper understanding of the Homeowner / Service Provider dynamic… and another chance to prove to homeowners that not all service providers are untrustworthy.

My mission then became; to earn the trust, loyalty and respect of every homeowner who would invited me into their home. Much of what I had observed over a three decade period is now within the pages of this guide.



My name is Alexandra Sabina.  Since working at my father’s side in home remodeling as a child, I began to hone my skills and enjoyment of working and creating with my hands.

As years past, home restoration and renovation allowed me to explore so many layers of creating and recreating, especially old Mission and Victorian style homes. With each request asked of me by a homeowner came an irresistible desire to fulfill that request. If a homeowner’s request was of something which I had no prior knowledge, it became my mission to learn, then furnish that request.

Through the fulfillment of each homeowner’s request came a personal motivating belief that Anything Can Be Done or Built!  Any response to a homeowner project request short of; Yes, I Can Do That, would be an admission of one’s own incompetence, with very few exceptions .