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WARNING... Don't Hire Any Contractor Before Reading This Guide!

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* A Homeowners Guide To Hiring A Contractor, Company or any Service Provider.
* Every time I receive a phone call to go out on an estimate with a prospective client, I was forced to ponder; “Why would a homeowner be contracting me if they were already happy with their last service provider”

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Make sure to always use these words…

Make sure to always use these words… IF you want to kill friendships, business deals and alienate people.

No,  But,  However, along with a list of other “You’re Wrong, I’m Right” words and phrases are chasing off your customers and friends.

There is not a proper or beneficial way to use No, But, However that will convince people and clients that you are smarter, more powerful or more valuable than they are.

(Related information:  Trust and Respect, page 9 in; aHomeownersGuide)

When you use these words and phrases, you are not suggesting that “I have a different opinion” but rather you convey,  YOU”RE WRONG, NOW LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!

EXERCISE:  Hand a trusted work buddy $10 in one dollar bills and tell them;  “each time that I use one of these words or phrases, take one dollar and put it in your pocket. Those single dollar bills will become yours to keep, the remaining dollar bills will be returned to me at the end of the work day… if there are any remaining bills at all”.

Do this every day until you break the habit… or run out of paycheck. Which ever comes first.

If you do not know what to say or how to say it, SAY NOTHING at all.  Ask yourself, “If I make my next statement, will it make a significant difference in closing the deal or confirming our friendship, or might it possibly suggest that they are wrong and I am right”.

What are you actually saying when you say no, but or however:

  • I’m right, you’re wrong.
  • I am more powerful than you.
  • I’m a winner, you’re a loser.
  • What you have to say is insignificant.
  • I just pooped on what you had to say, I WIN!
  • And the list goes on.


If a contractor, company, service provider, family member or friend uses these words or phrases on you, kindly thank them for their time and send them on their way or you be on your way. These people are playing a game of “I’m a winner, you’re a loser”.  They obviously are lacking respect for you.

Remember, they have the problem, not you. Be polite, excuse yourself gracefully. Do not retaliate or try to participate in their secret power war games. Life is too sweet and precious to waste even a minute.


No But However












Who Put The “Con” In Contractor?


What’s the first word uttered by a homeowner at the moment they realize they need to hire a contractor? A H G !


Why do homeowners cringe every time they need to hire a contractor… I’ll tell you why…

Homeowners hate to be conned! They don’t know how to find reputable, conscientious contractors and service providers in their city. Homeowners believe that finding a great contractor is likened to just flipping a coin or spinning a raffle wheel. “Maybe this time i’ll get lucky?!”

  • It seems that every contractor is out to con them out of their hard earned money.
  • It seems that every contractor they hire fails to give them what they ask for.
  • It seems that every contractor doesn’t know how to write a legible and thorough contract.


First and foremost, homeowners had never been properly educated with how to interview and choose a contractor. Who does?!

Secondly,  finding the right contractor is a process, a process that few people can tolerate let alone following through with each step of the process.


Enter:  A  Homeowners Guide.

The homeowners Guide is a mere cheat sheet for homeowners. It is designed to assist and guide the homeowner through each of the many steps to finding a conscientious and reputable contractor / service provider.   Liken this guide to “dating”. Ladies, Gentlemen, you surely didn’t go on one date with one person then miraculously find that one and only awesome life-mate.  Well, maybe a small percentage of you had, but you are the exception, no different than trying to find a contractor.

People who rush usually never get what they ultimately want… unless anger, frustration, the loss of money, and sleepless nights is what they want.

Follow the guide, be conscientious and TAKE NOTES!!! Check out the attached  aHomeownersGuide Tear-Out Sheets.

Have any questions, just send me an email or snail mail me. (see the Contact Us page)


Wanna check out the guide chapters before you buy?         ~CHAPTERS~




Anything can be done or built.

Many homeowners revealed to me upon our first meeting that they had been bullied into believing that their request to have something built or done could not be done because it was too complicated of a request.


If we can put a man on the moon by riding a highly combustible compressed fueled projectile through the outer spheres of our planet then by logic, any service provider should be able to fulfill your request with just two concerns in mind.

  1. Are you willing to pay the cost of having such a request fulfilled.
  2. At what dollar price point will the desire to have your request furnished become financially unrealistic to you… Never mind!

Most service providers who deny your request are really telling you that they are not skillful enough to grant your request. They have no idea about how to begin to charge for such a service, or they really do not want to work but will do basic odds and ends type of work for you as long as they don’t have to break a sweat.

NEVER allow a service provider to tell you that “it can’t be done”  because, IT CAN BE DONE!  There are service providers out there who would answer you, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”.  Find these service providers, befriend them and treat them well. They will assuredly reciprocate your loyalty.

Ponder that for a few days…

Hello Homeowners!

Welcome to .

My name is Alexandra Sabina and today will be my first blog post, and the first day of AHG  site launch   6-16-16.


Why A Homeowners Guide?

A Homeowner’s Guide  was written based upon a personal need.  I observed that when I would first visit with a homeowner during (first contact) the project estimating phase, a pattern began to reveal itself to me.

Every time I receive a phone call to go out on an estimate with a prospective client, I was forced to ponder; “why would a homeowner be contracting me if they were already happy with their previous service provider… “

Apparently they weren’t, otherwise they would have never called me. Thus, began my quest for a deeper understanding of the Homeowner / Service Provider dynamic… and another chance to prove to homeowners that not all service providers are untrustworthy.

I then set out to earn the trust, loyalty and respect of every homeowner who would invited me into their home. Much of what I had observed is within the pages of this here guide.


The 61 page homeowners guide PDF Download launch promotion is only  $1.66 .  Get Yours Today!