The Angry Homeownerʼs Guide Table Of Content

Each of these chapters are likened to a delectable culinary recipe.
If you eliminate just one of the many necessary ingredients,
you will no longer have a cohesive and desirable outcome.

The same goes with each of these finely chosen chapters.
If you eliminate one or more of these necessary ingredients, you
just might not like the outcome of your home renovation process.

Over 90% of all home project failures is directly linked to the
homeowner skipping, eliminating or modifying a step.
Also, homeowners have a bad habit of signing and dating incomplete,
incoherent and poorly written contracts, then wanting to blame the
contractor after the fact.


Chapter Title                                                                             Page
Front Cover.                                                                                        1
Contacting AHG                                                                               2
Table of Content.                                                                              3
About The Author.                                                                           4
FYI.                                                                                                             5
Anything Can Be Done or Built.                                                6
Murphyʼs Laws.                                                                                   7
Trust and Respect.                                                                             9
Scams, Cheats and Liars.                                                             12
Where to Find a Service Provider.                                        14
Trusting References.                                                                      15
Portfolio of Accomplishments.                                                18
Interviewing a Service Provider.                                             19
Hiring a New Service Provider.                                                21
Can I Be My Own General Contractor?                               23
Planning Your Projects.                                                                 26
Always Have a Backup Plan.                                                       28
Being Responsible For Your Own Home.                            30
Building Inspectors, Donʼt They Cause Trouble?            33
License Requirements.                                                                    36
Insurance Requirements.                                                               38
Additional Precautions and Nuances.                                    40
Craftsmanship, Time and Pricing.                                             42
What a Service Provider Should Provide For You.          47
Everything You Should See on a Contract.                           50
Warranties, What Are They Good For?                                  52
Signing the Contract.                                                                         55

Feel free to photo copy and share these pages.
Household Phone Numbers List – Tear-out sheet             56
Emergency Phone Numbers List – Tear-out sheet            57
Mechanics of a House – Tear-out sheet                                   58
Parts of a House – Tear-out sheet                                               59
Homeownerʼs Criteria List. (HCL) – Tear-out sheet         60
Individual State Web Site Addresses – Tear-out sheet   61