Welcome to  aHomeownersGuide.com .

My name is Alexandra Sabina and today will be my first blog post, and the first day of AHG  site launch   6-16-16.


Why A Homeowners Guide?

A Homeowner’s Guide  was written based upon a personal need.  I observed that when I would first visit with a homeowner during (first contact) the project estimating phase, a pattern began to reveal itself to me.

Every time I receive a phone call to go out on an estimate with a prospective client, I was forced to ponder; “why would a homeowner be contracting me if they were already happy with their previous service provider… “

Apparently they weren’t, otherwise they would have never called me. Thus, began my quest for a deeper understanding of the Homeowner / Service Provider dynamic… and another chance to prove to homeowners that not all service providers are untrustworthy.

I then set out to earn the trust, loyalty and respect of every homeowner who would invited me into their home. Much of what I had observed is within the pages of this here guide.


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