Reward Your Customers For Doing Business With Your Company

Each time that you conclude business with a new or currently loyal customer, reward them with a Digital Download of:  “AHomeowners Guide.PDF”.

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Benefits of the Company Sponsorship Program:

  1.   Say Thank You to your customers by offering them something more than just a pen or some other foolish trinket. Show them that you care.  Keep your customers Safe and Informed. Gift them aHomeownersGuide.
  2. Build Trust, Respect and Loyalty with each and every customer that you do business with.
  3.  When homeowners read and benefit from aHomeownersGuide…
    So Do You! An educated homeowner is a happy homeowners. Show them that you care.
  4. Give away *Unlimited Copies of aHomeownersGuide for the entire month, six months or year, at a great savings to you or your company.
  5. YUP!  Send *Unlimited Copies to EVERYONE that you can think of, even your competitors, employees, friends, mom & dad, sisters & brothers…. Just notify us and Swoosh, they just received a free and awesome gift, compliments of you and your company.     ….Awwwe, How Thoughtful!!!

*Unlimited Copies is a recurring fixed price based Sponsorship Program.

** Ask about our “Per Customer” Sponsorship Program. (Pay per copy – No recurring fees)

Do you have a question or want to start the Sponsorship Program Today?   EMAIL US



LOGO Embedded Cover:  (left photo above)

  • We use YOUR Logo,  then embedded your companies logo onto the cover in sponsorship of aHomeownersGuide.

Company TEXT Cover:   (right photo above)

  • We use your choice of FONT, COLOR and TYPOGRAPHY choices listed below to stylishly and prominently display your companies name in sponsorship of aHomeownersGuide.



“Per Customer” Pay As You Go Plan: Pay each time that you choose to reward a customer.

  • Just notify us of each customer that you wish to reward and we’ll take care of the rest.

Monthly Plan:   UNLIMITED Customer Rewards Per Month.

  • A recurring debit per month until otherwise canceled by you.

 Six Month Plan:   UNLIMITED Customer Rewards Per Six  Month.

  • One initial payment, then a recurring debit every six months until otherwise canceled by you.



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 AHG Trust & Loyalty Clause:
** We do not trade, sell or loan our
email list to anyone for any reason.