What’s the first word uttered by a homeowner at the moment they realize they need to hire a contractor? A H G !


Why do homeowners cringe every time they need to hire a contractor… I’ll tell you why…

Homeowners hate to be conned! They don’t know how to find reputable, conscientious contractors and service providers in their city. Homeowners believe that finding a great contractor is likened to just flipping a coin or spinning a raffle wheel. “Maybe this time i’ll get lucky?!”

  • It seems that every contractor is out to con them out of their hard earned money.
  • It seems that every contractor they hire fails to give them what they ask for.
  • It seems that every contractor doesn’t know how to write a legible and thorough contract.


First and foremost, homeowners had never been properly educated with how to interview and choose a contractor. Who does?!

Secondly,  finding the right contractor is a process, a process that few people can tolerate let alone following through with each step of the process.


Enter:  A  Homeowners Guide.

The homeowners Guide is a mere cheat sheet for homeowners. It is designed to assist and guide the homeowner through each of the many steps to finding a conscientious and reputable contractor / service provider.   Liken this guide to “dating”. Ladies, Gentlemen, you surely didn’t go on one date with one person then miraculously find that one and only awesome life-mate.  Well, maybe a small percentage of you had, but you are the exception, no different than trying to find a contractor.

People who rush usually never get what they ultimately want… unless anger, frustration, the loss of money, and sleepless nights is what they want.

Follow the guide, be conscientious and TAKE NOTES!!! Check out the attached  aHomeownersGuide Tear-Out Sheets.

Have any questions, just send me an email or snail mail me. (see the Contact Us page)


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